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US-4694722-A: Apparatus for scoring and cutting wallboard and the like patent, US-4873581-A: Field/frame conversion circuit patent, US-5009330-A: Golf ball vending machine patent, US-5040293-A: Bonding method patent, US-5368706-A: Amperometric detection cell patent, US-5425842-A: Method of manufacturing a semiconductor device using a chemical vapour deposition process with plasma cleaning of the reactor chamber patent, US-5751335-A: Viewing restricting method and viewing restricting apparatus patent, US-6028931-A: EPROM encryption code decoding prevention circuit for semiconductor memory device patent, US-6466797-B1: Methods and arrangements relating to a radio communication system patent, US-6636859-B2: Method and system for reassembling fragmented datagrams utilizing a plurality of concurrently accessible reassembly queues patent, US-3809147-A: Method for making products suitable for use in forming composite superconductors patent, US-3909821-A: Communicating over power lines patent, US-4004188-A: Starting circuit for inverter operated gaseous discharge lamps patent, US-4120746-A: Multiple steam chest series flow evaporator patent, US-4189995-A: Apparatus for heating food patent, US-4452975-A: Polymer modification system for vinylaromatic monomer production apparatus patent, US-4657296-A: License plate mounting device in front bumper patent, US-4726190-A: Pressure generator with check valve patent, US-5072961-A: Bicycle with universal adjustable frame patent, US-5141596-A: Method of fabricating an ink jet printhead having integral silicon filter patent, US-5472608-A: Overflow sieve patent, US-5770432-A: Obesity associated genes patent, US-5797434-A: Onboard vapor recovery system with two-stage shutoff valve patent, US-5841675-A: Method and apparatus for monitoring quality of electrical wire connections patent, US-5890205-A: Optimized application installation using disk block relocation patent, US-6011767-A: Optical data storage disc with a visible holographic image and method for its manufacture patent, US-6410217-B2: Heat-developable color light-senitive material patent, US-6498536-B1: Oscillating circuit for producing an output signal synchronous with an input signal patent, US-6500288-B2: Roll film connecting device and method patent, US-3723363-A: Trimerized crude isocyanate mixtures and polyurethane foams prepared from same patent, US-4392968-A: Metal deactivator and composition containing same patent, US-4507358-A: Insulating paper sheet of synthetic resin flakes and natural fibers patent, US-4794617-A: External optical resonator for a semiconductor laser patent, US-5102541-A: Supporting tube construction for filter modules patent, US-5194194-A: Method for molding soft sheet material patent, US-5387337-A: Screening apparatus patent, US-5610193-A: Pharmaceutical composition patent, US-5965026-A: Packing material for high-performance liquid chromatography patent, US-6058660-A: Portable garage patent, US-6336249-B1: Plastic elongated hinge patent, US-4343621-A: Process for the production of aqueous solutions of sodium chloride from rock salt patent, US-4369528-A: Garment for maintaining body temperature and method of making same patent, US-4670490-A: Vinyl chloride resin composition patent, US-4775970-A: Optical recording/reproducing apparatus for cards with reproduction light beam axes from a source and into a detector being parallel to the card patent, US-4972546-A: Over-center hinge patent, US-5305143-A: Inorganic thin film polarizer patent, US-5334694-A: Aromatic copolyamides, processes for their preparation and structures formed therefrom patent, US-5446310-A: Integrated circuit power device with external disabling of defective devices and method of fabricating same patent, US-5585287-A: Method of forming integrated current-limiter device for power MOS transistors patent, US-5889652-A: C4-GT stand off rigid flex interposer patent, US-5954839-A: Error protection method for multimedia data patent, US-5999507-A: Objective lens driving apparatus patent, US-6248579-B1: Streptomyces avermitilis gene directing the ratio of B2:B1 avermectins patent, US-6344820-B1: Passive SSR system patent, US-6465951-B1: Electroluminescent lamp devices and their manufacture patent, US-6492071-B1: Wafer scale encapsulation for integrated flip chip and surface mount technology assembly patent, US-3718496-A: Textured caul plate surfaced with furnace cement patent, US-3987873-A: Brake mechanism patent, US-4163313-A: Transfer machine patent, US-4900622-A: Magnetic recording medium patent, US-4950610-A: Titrating apparatus and method patent, US-4992843-A: Collector contact of an integrated bipolar transistor patent, US-4996628-A: Base for stackable assemblies patent, US-5003035-A: Crosslinkable rigid-rod benzobisazole copolymer patent, US-5307377-A: System for modulating/demodulating digital signals transmitted with encoded modulation patent, US-5530390-A: Random clock generating circuit and method for control of electrical systems thereof patent, US-5686508-A: Ink and ink jet recording method and apparatus using the same patent, US-5696538-A: Apparatus for detecting input-pen's inclination, and pen input apparatus equipped with it patent, US-5742830-A: Method and apparatus for performing conditional operations on externally shared data patent, US-5887770-A: Convertible waist pack, day backpack and shoulder bag patent, US-5920092-A: Active type photoelectric conversion device, method for fabricating the same, and active type solid-state imaging device patent, US-5979828-A: Apparatus for eliminating gaps in an aircraft patent, US-6163050-A: Semiconductor device having insulation film whose breakdown voltage is improved and its manufacturing method patent, US-6238459-B1: Ultra-high particulate collection of sub-micron aerosols patent, US-6396948-B1: Color rotation integrated with compression of video signal patent, US-6544882-B1: Method to improve reliability of multilayer structures of FSG (F-doped SiO2) dielectric layers and aluminum-copper-TiN layers in integrated circuits patent, US-4388343-A: Method and apparatus for lubricating molding tools patent, US-4706532-A: Cutting equipment with rules patent, US-4753739-A: Blood bag support system patent, US-4921636-A: Time duration indicator systems, and also products containing such indicator systems having a limited duration of use or life patent, US-5420872-A: Apparatus for concealing error in transform coding of a motion picture patent, US-5586696-A: Hair growing mannequin head patent, US-5907818-A: Process for disposing of explosive active masses and device therefor patent, US-6077795-A: Papermaking felts from irregular fibers patent, US-6373822-B1: Data network protocol conformance test system patent, US-3838741-A: Pile hammers patent, US-4509587-A: Passive temperature control shipment container patent, US-4557319-A: Marine keel cooler patent, US-4570900-A: Apparatus for actuating a proportioning valve patent, US-4934255-A: Food treating apparatus and method patent, US-5055400-A: Leukotoxin gene of pasteurella haemolytica patent, US-5091320-A: Ellipsometric control of material growth patent, US-5209563-A: Dust return system patent, US-5296750-A: Measurand transient signal suppressor patent, US-5318670-A: Method for the generation of smoothness and gloss of a paper web patent, US-5334406-A: Method and device for transmitting heating or cooling medium to a food product on a moving substrate patent, US-5800449-A: Knife shield for surgical instruments patent, US-6122908-A: Device and method for purification of exhaust gas patent, US-6568992-B1: Method for controlling MRE stripe height patent, US-6569623-B1: Genetic screening methods patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent,

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